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Welcome to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum,

… where history comes alive through captivating exhibits. “Vallejo Collects!” reveals local artifacts, while the Saginaw Gallery delves into Mare Island’s Navy legacy. The South Gallery narrates Vallejo’s stories, and the Heritage Chamber celebrates influential women. Ground Level houses the Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame, honoring local athletes and teams. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of Vallejo’s past, appreciating its naval heritage, the impact of women, and the spirit of sports that binds the community together.

Hall of History:

The Vallejo Car Culture exhibit, scheduled to open in January, will showcase a remarkable collection of local artifacts and memorabilia gathered by skilled automotive artisans in the community. 

Saginaw Gallery:

The Saginaw Gallery is dedicated to the rich history of Mare Island and the U.S. Navy. Through informative displays and engaging exhibits, visitors can explore the significant role Mare Island played in naval operations and the city’s enduring connection to the Navy.

Heritage Chamber:

The Heritage Chamber is a special space within the museum that pays tribute to the remarkable contributions of women in Vallejo’s history. This exhibition highlights the achievements and impact of women who have played influential roles in shaping the city’s culture, society, and progress.

South Gallery:

Formerly the mayor’s office and police station, this gallery houses a display on the history of Vallejo.

Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame:

The South Gallery is home to the Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame. This section honors local athletes, teams, and their outstanding achievements, serving as a testament to the city’s sporting heritage and the individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

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